IoT Lab is an effort by DBSec Group to provide research and hands-on experience with the cutting edge technologies. We have connected numerous smart device such as Music Player, Voice Assistant, Smart Bulbs, Camera and many more to develop Smart Home Environment. Our main emphasis is to explore ways to secure the communication between the devices and protect them from attacks. We aim to establish an environment that address and solve real world issues of security.

Devices In Lab


Combat Security Vulnerabilities in Home Devices due to out-of-date software

We aim to design and develop a tool that addresses the issue caused due to out-of-date softwares. Every day an enormous amount of consumers are offered innovative new products and services to make their homes smarter.It is hard for customer to keep track of updating all these devices. This poses a great threat if the devices aren't updated timely. Therefore, our focus is to develop a tool that user can add into his their home network, which check and install updates automatically. Thereby, reducing the risk of vulnerabilities incurred through out dated softwares.

Secure IoT Communication between device within a Smart Home Network

This aims to secure communication within an IoT network. The devices in a smart home are segmented into network based on functional zones. Each device belongs to one or more network zones. It focuses on securing the communication between these functional zones such that if one zone is affected, the effects are not propagated to other zones. Moreover, any intrusion on the victim device should be detected based on its behavior. This, this will not isolate the affected device from other zone, but will also provide measures to restore the device to its original state.





IoT Lab Location: Room 460
Department of Computer Science
Colorado State University

Email Address: iotlab@cs.colostate.edu